Friday, March 27, 2009

To Be Continued......

I promise I will be a better blogger.

I have big plans to post about my recent trip up north. I just find it very difficult to balance my time between motherhood, being a wife, chores, blogging, and now.....Facebook.

I love it but kind of wish I never joined. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent way to reach out to old friends. The problem is, I spend too much time reaching out to those old friends while my laundry piles up, my baby eats magazine covers for nourishment, my oldest paints our porch with acrylic pant, and the ever popular Haiku Fridays is put on the back-burner.

So, until I am caught up, here is a sneak preview of the fun times had last week with the Jibsons. This picture pretty much sums up the trip.....

a blast!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Are So Excited!!

We can hardly contain ourselves!!

We are going on a road trip.

First stop: The Jibson household.
All four of us Guillens in a cramped car for hopefully no more than six hours.

Second stop: San Francisco.
Rob and I are leaving the girls with Kasey and the boys while the two of us escape to the city for 48 hours to attend the wedding of our dear friends.

Third stop: Back to the Jibson household.
Reunite with my babies. Cry. Laugh. Cry.

Fourth stop: Home sweet home.

Wish us luck!

Who Needs Toys...

When you have mom's cheap sunglasses.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eight Months Old

Kasey took this picture of Maggers a few weeks ago when we were visiting.

I just want to squeeze and kiss her all day!

....Maggers, not Kasey.

That would be weird.

Did You Miss Me?

After a two week hiatus, I'm back.

Just a little mishap with my keyboard and a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Now, all is well. New keyboard and new mouse.


Monday, March 2, 2009

We're Back:Take II

I am beyond excited that I was just reunited with one of my best friends from junior high and high school thanks to Kasey and Facebook.

My dad came over and with Rob's help, fixed the dryer.

Maggie's explosions have subsided.

Olive played at the park with daddy and is now refreshed and rejuvenated.

Rob is going to make my favorite dinner for me: grilled cheese and tomato and roasted red pepper soup.

Life is good again.

I would love to write more but, there is still baby poop on my thumb nail.

We're back!

We've returned home from visiting Kasey.

I am now depressed.

My dryer is broken.

My baby is exploding.

My 3 year old is moody.

Our cupboards are bare.

But, we are home.

I'm sure all will be well soon.

I would love to write more but, I just noticed baby poop on my thumb nail.