Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things I thought I'd never say that I have said in the last 72 hours:
1. "Please take the toy snakes out of your diaper."
2. "Yes, mommy is a "berry heaby lady"."
3. "Please do not put your hot dog in your arm pit and give it to the dog."

Welcome to the Guillen family!

My name is Shawna and this is my blog. I currently reside in Lakewood with my husband Rob and our daughter Olive. I work part time at Trader Joe's (3 days a week) then resume to my full time job as a mom/housekeeper/personal chef/gardner/landscape architect...you know what I mean. I have a fantastic family and fabulous neighbors and friends. I look forward to sharing every crazy and exciting moment of my ever changing life with you.