Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Favorite Month


I love it.

I love the weather.

I love the colors.

I love the pumpkins.

I love the festivals.

I love the menu.

Most importantly, I love THE holiday....


I love the candy.

I love the dress-up.

I love the decorations.

I intend to celebrate my special month everyday.

I can't wait.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Not Complaining...

But, I am tired.


It's Maggers.

She's decided her bedtime routine is no longer working for her.

For the past two nights, my little 10 week old friend has been staying up way past her 8:30 pm bedtime and waking up not once, but twice throughout the night, and sleeping in until about 6 am.

What happened to sleeping through the night?

What happened to sleeping in until the time her sister (awake from her 11 hour slumber) wakes her up by slobbering all over her 25th percentile head, and squeezing her tiny feet dangling from her 95th percentile body (roughly around 7:30)?

Is she sick?

Am I sick? (I am nursing)

Is it a growth spurt?

Is it my growth spurt? (It's a perpetual growth spurt.)

How long will this last?

What can I do??

I will do anything!!

Uumm..... anything that doesn't involve giving up baked goods.

Or m&m's.

Or Barq's root beer.

If you, my fellow blogger/friend/mother/sweet tooth have any suggestions or answers to my questions, PLEASE HELP!

And if you have a good cookie recipe I can try out at 2am after nursing for the 99th time, please send it my way.


Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Back!!

Waiting for what seemed like a year, the season premiere of the Office was last night. Although I loved the engagement of Jim and Pam, I was a bit let down by the hour episode.

I must say, that Andy was pretty funny last night.

I CANNOT stop laughing over the part when he was naming all of his friends in his singing group from Cornell. My favorite being, "Puby Lewis and the News".
That seriously cracks me up!

So, what's your opinion on last night's show?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, Maggie...

Please allow me to explain.

Being our second child, your daddy and I consider ourselves to be somewhat experts in child rearing. We've spent the last three years raising your ever thriving sister to be a normal, fun-loving, and happy child (opinions of others may vary). As a team, we are excellent, competent parents, equipped with the knowledge and skills it takes to insure your safety, overall well being, and sanity.
The following pictures taken from a recent trip to Disney's California Adventure are actually not what they seem....

You prefer wearing one sock at a time, with the one sock being worn, fitting fairly loosely.
Speaking of fitting loosely, you like your hats to be about 2 times the actual size that would fit you.
It's your signature style.
It also may look as though you are...well, uncomfortable, but that's not the case. You are watching a passing parade in the distance, with a funny look on your face.
That's all.
And it also looks as though I am .....uummm, laughing at you, but Mickey Mouse is under the table tickling my feet.
A lot.

Now, in this picture daddy is playing a silly game of peek-a boo with you. It's your favorite game!

I know it may look as though he is trying to wrap you up in a warm blanket and failing miserably by accidently wrapping your face, but that's not the case. He is perfectly capable of a proper swaddle....

Look how happy you are!

And you do love being with your sister.
Never are you letting out nervous cries of help when she is that close to you...
Squeezing your foot....
The sock-less one.

So, now you should understand that you are definitely, without a doubt, in good hands with your mommy and daddy, and with Olive too. You are as happy as a clam with us and are so very pleased to be a part of our incredible family.
The proof is in this picture:

Happy 3rd Birthday, Riley!

Today is your special day! We hope you have the best day ever!
Wobbie, Wister, Auv, and Baby Wister

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

...Can't Touch This!

I never knew that those infamous pants worn by MC Hammer were designed by Carters!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh, Sue....

Olive is now a preschooler.
It's official.
I love picking her up from school because she always has an interesting answer to my "what did you learn at school today?".

Here's how today went:

Me: "What did you learn at school today?"

Olive: "I learned about apples and God!"

Me: Wow! Apples and God?

Olive: very enthuiastically, "Yeah! Apples are red, and God loves me, and baby Maggers, and daddy!

Me: "That's right! Apples are red and God does love you and Maggers, and daddy. Does he love mommy too?"

Olive: "Nnnnnooooo."

Me: "Why not"?

Olive: "Because.... your boice is too loud."


Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Gals

I just love 'em.

This picture cracks me up.
At the time this was taken, guess who had been up for 2 hours.
Now, guess who had been up for 2 minutes.

Little Maggers at 9 weeks.

More to come....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I Love


I love first trips to Disneyland. This time it was Maggie's. I love that she is throwing up a peace sign like a Japanese tourist.

I love when Kasey comes to town and plays with us.

I love my girls.

I love Grandma Kat and all her little ones.

I love visiting Sea World and bawling my eyes out at the Shamu show...very emotional, that darn "Believe".

I love when Rob takes random shots of us NEVER looking at the camera.

I love having had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Del Coronado for two nights.

I love that this is the only photo we have to show of it.
This is Rob and I standing in front of the beautiful beach. Olive so kindly took the picture.

I love that we were able to go the the El Capitan Theatre and see Sleeping Beauty on the big screen. I love that Olive dressed up like Aurora.

I love that Olive is currently in a pirate phase and loves to dress up like one.

I love that she kind of looks like Brett Michaels when she does.