Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confessions: Part I

I watch the Bachelor, yes I do.

Each week I voluntarily watch in horror as these "women" make fools of themselves on national television all for the hopes of being chosen as Jake's permanent "copilot".

It's a mess, yes.

But, I absolutely love it! It has got to be THE most painfully awkward show I have ever watched! Both Rob and I are loyal viewers of this fine television program. We can't get enough of it! So much in fact, that I now follow a weekly blog, written by an old friend from high school, that divulges the inside scoop on all the juicy, horrendous drama that makes the Bachelor so very special.

So, as I read today about all the behind the scenes "facts", I was absolutely HORRIFIED to find out that this very informed source who writes this column SWEARS he knows who indeed Jake choses to ride on his wings of love.....


... oh, sorry! That's not her!
That's David Lee Roth from Van Halen.

O.K..... It's HER!

ooops! My mistake.

That's the guy(?) from Twisted Sister.
I'm sorry, it's so confusing.

It's HER!

VIENNA Lee Roth Twisted Sister!!!!!!!!

Are you screaming? Because, I sure am!

Now, I definitely won't miss one second of this show to see if this outrageous outcome is true!!!