Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Monitors

This is real.

WAY real.

I think I'm coming back.

I miss you.

I really do.

This is the only real way to express/vent/brag/complain about my feelings/dreams/nightmares/reality/nightmare reality.

For example:

My beautiful four year old plays the piano like a dream. She had her first recital last Saturday where she played and sang (with her heaven sent, sweet, little lisp) in front of a standing-room-only crowd of 15 other piano students and their proud parents and extended families (complete strangers). There were some touchy moments were she made mistakes and was stuck and in need of help. But, she persevered and finished. She did not quit. She did not give up. I'll be darned if she didn't take up 10 minutes of the 45 minute recital on her two songs. And, when finally finished, she jumped off the piano bench, took a quick bow, and ran to me in the back of the room while shouting, "I DID IT!" I have never been more proud of her and inspired by her determination and spirit.

On the other hand, my sweet Maggers is now 16 months old. She "chooses" to only say, "momma" and "daddy" and screams and grunts for everything else her little heart desires. Her diet consists of dead bugs off the ground and dog food from my mom's 14 year old dog that is "temporarily" living with us (until she transitions to live forever with Jesus). She climbs furniture with the grace and ease of Spider-man, can open any childproof cupboard or drawer with nothing but a fork and her overgrown toenail like a baby MacGyver, and if fed after midnight, she turns into a Gremlin.

So, who do I share this with?


Yes, but only by default.

I would MUCH rather share this with you six readers, or maybe now, one reader.

So, Dad...

How do you like my blog return? Is it a good idea? Or should I just keep my reality to myself?

Oh, Dad. If you're on the fence, I now am the proud owner of a mini-van and I have a completely irrational obsession with a 17 year old vampire.

Actually, he's 109. If that makes it any easier to swallow.

So, what do you think?

Come back or keep it to myself?