Friday, April 24, 2009

She Did It Again

The amazing Vicki

brought over an amazing box of this amazing candy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Birthday Fun!

In honor of my thirty...eeehheemm birthday, my family and I spent the night at the beautiful Grand Californian Hotel. It was one of the best times we have had in a while.

Maggie and I began the celebration in the lobby, while Rob cheked us into the hotel...

and Olive watched a little t.v. (a little too close to the screen).

We then headed off to D.C.A. (yes, I abbreviated) and met up with some of my "best friends" from Cars. (Olive insisted we stop by in order for them to wish me a "merry, happy birthday!".

After that, we treated ourselves to some fat free cotton candy, where I showed Olive how to eat it like a lady.

She is obviously a fast learner.

Later, we spent some time at good ole' Disneyland, waiting in 99 degree weather on Main Street, for a parade that never showed up.

Once we were burnt to a crisp, cranky and coming down off our sugar high, we spent some time at the hotel's pool.

I must say, we had a blast.

Sweet sunburn.

Now, I am not one to match my girls, but these swimsuits were so cute (and so on sale) that I couldn't pass them up. Nor could I pass up this cute photo op of the two of them in their cute (wet and soggy) suits, playing around on (my side of) the bed.

So excited!

My wonderful mother showed up later in the evening with these fabulous treats

and watched the girls allowing Rob and I to spend the evening alone.

So great!

The next morning my mom drove back to the hotel and met up with us for breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen.

Now, for those of you who have never experienced Goofy's kitchen, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Besides the luxury of an all out food frenzy buffet, some of Disney's most beloved characters stroll by every table, gracing you with their presence while you stuff your face with Eggs Benedict and Mickey waffles.

Some pause momentarily to pose for pictures, as seen here...

Maggers enjoying(?) a visit from Goofy

Olive loving(?) a chance meeting with Alice

While others, such as Chip...

linger around for a good 10 minutes (which seems like an hour when you're trying to inhale, I mean, eat your $28 dollars worth of omelets and peanut butter and jelly pizza) fondling you and silently "joking" with you, creating an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable situation. Also conjuring up scary thoughts of wondering who exactly IS in that Chip costume......

Boy or girl?


Anyways, after the buffet, we squeezed into our swimsuits and spent the rest of the day at the pool.

All of us truly enjoyed ourselves. It was definitely one of my favorite birthdays to date.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What Would You Do?....

If you walked into your baby's room, ready to scoop her out of her crib after a nice nap, and found this...

Would you:

A. Scream. You are not ready for your baby to be mobile.

B. Run over to her and gently reprimand her for attempting to stand on her own. You are not ready for your baby to be mobile.

C. Softly tap her behind her knees causing her chubby legs to bend in half, resulting her to fall to a sitting position. You are not ready for your baby to be mobile.

D. All of the above. You are not ready for your baby to be mobile.

A Happy Easter Indeed!

What a day!
It started off with a visit from the Easter Bear... I mean Easter bunny. Sorry, I was a bit confused by the footprints he left.

He ate the carrots and drank the juice box we left for him and left us our Easter treats along with a sweet note.

We hunted the eggs he left behind in the back yard

And made sure to count every last one of those suckers about ten times. We were very pleased by his generosity.

Next we attempted pictures after an attempted trip to church.

We were then visited by grandpa and decorated Easter eggs. Some of us were in good spirits while decorating.

Some of us were not.

But we were all happy with the finished product.

To top it all off, we had a yet another egg hunt with our favorite next door neighbors.

It was a great day.
So much so, when Olive woke up this morning she asked, "Did the Easter Bunny come back?"

"No, he's back home with his bunny family," I replied.

"Well, did Santa come?"

"I wish."